Cozy Chic Family Room

When you get to start with a blank canvas like THIS 
you know it's going to be a great room!

My client's are a young couple with two dogs who want a casual but sophisticated space
to entertain and hang out with friends.  This family room spans the back half of the house with the kitchen being adjacent.  

We want to keep the space light and airy but also cozy.  
The inspiration photos (client provided) below demonstrate the feeling they were going for.
Transitional, elegant, calming, comfortable.

I started with this floor plan to allow maximum seating and a very big screen TV 
as my client is a huge cinema buff.

The room is a great size for entertaining and TV watching.
I gave them lots of seating with a large sofa, 2 swivel chairs, 1 chaise in front of the fireplace
to curl up with a book or a bevy.
TV is on the right side and two consoles flank the sides of the fireplace wall.  
They didn't want large built-in cabinetry and don't have lots of storage needs (yet).
Round end tables keep the space from feeling too boxy.

Here's some of the pieces that will go in the space.

Deep sofa with feather-filled back and seat cushions for maximum chillaxin'.
The low, square arms have just enough room to rest your head and take a nap.

This chair will have a swivel base that rotates 360 degrees
which is great to keep an eye on the happenings in the adjacent kitchen.


A chaise like this one is being made to fit perfectly in front of the fireplace. 
It's a great lounger for one person, or a place to perch for two when extra space is needed.

This coffee table ottoman will be custom made to fit the large space - 
a whopping 48"x 54"  allows for table top access from all seats in the room.
It will be covered in a fabulous cobalt blue weave fabric to add a punch of colour 
(and hide the dirt, really).

I love doing a soft top coffee table because it encourages people to put their feet up and relax when watching TV.  A large tray on top will enable a glass to put down with ease. 
The lower shelf is a great place to store books, games or just display some pretty storage boxes.

For the console tables, I wanted something sculptural with a light wood 
that would complement the dark floors but also work well with the stone.
I found this marble topped beauty and it fits perfectly.

All the upholstered pieces will be done in various coordinating, neutral fabrics 
with the exception of the blue ottoman.

so we're bringing in some colour and pattern on the window coverings, accessories and area rug.

Drapery panels and roman blinds will be made from this lovely printed linen.

Joanne Fabrics

For the rug, I want to introduce a muted blue tone 
that will also be picked up in the pillows and artwork & accessories.
Some of the options being considered:



The design concept overview

A light wood media cabinet (lower right), painted wood accent tables (round table shown above),
artwork and other little goodies to make the space come to life will be added in the 
finishing round.

Looking forward to getting this one all pulled together.

Glam Living Room

Whenever a client asks me what to do with their "designated" living rooms 
I always ask them "what would you like it to be?"

It's often a decent size space at the front of the house with good natural light

It could be an office
it could be a den
it could be a tea room
it could be a lounge

The last one is my favourite and often the direction the client takes

This is absolutely lovely...

A space to serve drinks & apps before a dinner party
or for those that don't entertain formally
it can become a lounge for hanging out with a bevy and some friends
before going out or relaxing at the end of a busy day with a stiff drink!

My clients just bought a newly built custom home
and we are furnishing their front room as a lounge for drinks or tea

We start with this chic boxy tufted loveseat with chrome nailhead trim
in a luxe cream coloured velvet

Then we will add in a couple of stream-lined, sloped arm chairs
in a textured cream chenille fabric
I like to mix up the shape of the seating to create interest, 
the clean lines of the chairs is a nice contrast to the "busyness" of the tufted sofa

A patterned rug in muted blue and cream tones
these two are being debated

A glass coffee table with lucite & chrome legs feels light
in the room but still sculptural
anything that goes on this table looks amazing

For our bar cabinet
a mirrored piece with patterned doors to store bottles and barware
while lovely glassware is displayed on top
A large mirror on top and maybe some sconces

Cap off the space with a contemporary crystal pendant
this one is definitely a statement piece

One wall behind the bar cabinet will have wallpaper
we are considering something like this with a soft grey background
and a metallic pattern

We are looking at various artwork options
we may keep ethereal with muted blues, creams & grays
or bump it up a notch with some deeper indigo and cobalt pops

Drapery fabric is going to be a luxurious silver damask I'm still sourcing

The overall plan looks luxurious and inviting

Drinks anyone?

Colourful Rooms

FROM THE RIGHT BANK | Creating a global modern home inspired by travels around the world.

As much as I love my neutrals, there's nothing like a blast of colour in a room to really make it come alive.   And, I don't mean just throwing a few colourful pillows on the sofa or putting up a bold piece of art in a beige or gray room, I mean colour like you mean it... in commitment pieces!

A large sofa, floor tiles, kitchen cabinets
massive rugs and glorious wallpaper!

See what colour can do to impart drama, infuse energy, create interest and establish a sense of mystery in these rooms,  and then see how it stacks up to plain old neutrals.

10 Bathrooms with Showstopping Tile Plus Where to Find It: These gorgeous hexagonal tiles, called 'Dandelion', are by Swedish maker Contemporary Tiles.
via Apartment Therapy
Love Painted Kitchen Islands? Read tips for incorporating one in your home:
Better Homes & Gardens
black, pink and grey -   wallpaper panels!

A beautiful dining area
Amanda Nisbet

Gold/Brass/Bronze Kitchen Sinks | FROM THE RIGHT BANK

ellie cashman wallpaper
Ellie Cashman wallpaper

DREAM HOME: Geremia Design’s 25th Street Residence | Rue
Geremia Design via Rue Magazine
Kelly Wearstler
Kelly Wearstler

Second Wind Interior Design

Miles Redd blue kitchen with high gloss paint - the only dark cabinets I've ever loved.
Miles Redd

Ok, so pink silk walls and high gloss navy kitchen cabinets may not be for the faint of heart, 
but it's what makes designer's like Kelly Wearstler and Miles Redd legendary artists.

Consider all the many ways that colour can make any room feel really special, and go for it.  
Decorating your home should be fun, not scary, and certainly not something that gives you angst when it comes to choosing the right colour.   

Start with at least one new colour on a piece of furniture
 (a painted cabinet or an upholstered chair) and go from there.
You may just find it lifts your spirits when you walk into the room and makes you smile.  
Don't be afraid to colour your world!

Check out more colourful spaces on my Colour Blast pinboard

Ceilings Treatments that Make You Look UP!

Design Cosmos has completed the design of a new office for Tulip Infratech, a real estate development firm, based in Gurgaon, India.

That fifth wall up above
that's so lonely and overlooked at times can be a real gift.

Especially when it looks like this!


Rarely do I get the chance to do something really interesting with the ceiling because it can be an investment to create beautiful architecture and often the client wants to focus the budget on furnishings that they are going to be sitting on and using every day.

But part of Interior Design is to enhance the good qualities in a room, while downplaying or improving the not so exciting elements.

I'm working on a project now with a beautiful 14 foot ceiling in the dining room (pictured below)
just crying out for a stunning chandelier to replace this boring shade.

And a gorgeous coffer ceiling in the family room (below)  
oh joy, oh bliss I get to start with this!

I MUST do something to enhance these beautiful surfaces.

There will be a stunning crystal fixture in the dining room for sure, client wants a very formal space.  I'm thinking a metallic finish of some sort in the central coffer, perhaps antiqued gold or silver leaf as a backdrop to the crystal fixture, like this

silver ceiling in pantry. AMAZING

Or we could simply apply a dark paint to enhance the trim work

magnificent coffered ceiling

But fret not if you don't want to change the architecture of your room,  you can still get major bang for your buck with high gloss paint and a fantastic chandy, of course!

This black lacquered ceiling reflects the soft glow of the chandelier so beautifully as well as the sconces.  It truly creates a mysterious backdrop for this room with textured wallpaper and beautiful millwork.

velvet couch with black white and yellow

Speaking of millwork...
How creative is this ceiling below?
Some trim strategically placed to form a circle then painted gold and sunbeams added 
make this room feel very special and again enhances the chandelier while providing 
a whimsical feeling to this lovely space.

ceiling treatment

A little bit of tape and some metallic paint... eh Voila!
A boring white ceiling is now a piece of art.

Tracery Interiors

Or something as simple as a vintage ceiling medallion on a dark painted surface
even the simplest pendant looks fantastic.

painted #ceiling

Ceilings -Parlor Design - Exquisite Transitional NYC Townhouse - Simplified Bee

This ceiling helps give the dining room an outdoor garden feeling 
echoing the lines of the floral area rug

Karen Bow's colorful home

Add a zingy lemon yellow to a neutral colour scheme and BAM!

L’ Autre Appartement Paris by Gilles & Boissier

Why not create the illusion of a coffer ceiling with patterned wallpaper?
Love this geometric pattern in a very modern room office space.
The contrasting gold chandelier creates a bit of tension but they work well together.

office | Dunbar-Southlands House by Terris Lightfoot Contracting

So the next time you walk into a room, look up and see the possibilities!

All images via Accents & Details board on Pinterest

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